On Friday I attended an E-Learning Celebration held by the University’s CELT department (Centre of Excellence for Learning and Teaching).

It was a mixed experience but some of the presentations were very interesting and demonstrated how academic staff are utilising new technology.

One demonstration of particular interest to me was about Second Life. I’ll no doubt be posting more about Second Life in the future as I haven’t even explored it myself yet but I’ve heard a lot about it recently from other people’s blogs, listservs, CILIP Update, etc etc. Wolverhampton University are currently in the process of setting up a virtual campus on Second Life for our students to use as part of their studies.

There were also talks on wikis, bluetooth, VLEs, e-portfolios and reusable learning objects – copies of the powerpoint presentations are available here.

LibraryThing is becoming widely used online, however has limitations on the number of book entries you can make before you have to start paying, and I’ve also found the software to be full of glitches. GoodReads is a similar thing which has been recommended to me. It is totally free with no limitations of book numbers, and you can also set up different shelves (e.g. a “To read” shelf which is essential for me!). I’ll be giving it a go to see if it’s preferable to LibraryThing, although the WAP site for LibraryThing is great when you’re out and about and can’t remember the name of that book you’re after or aren’t sure if you’ve read something before, and I’m not sure if GoodReads has this.

Interesting video on the way information is categorised in the physical world and the digital world. David Weinberger (author of Everything is Miscellaneous) talks about the limitations of physical categorisation systems such as Dewey Decimal Classification (e.g. things can only have one place) and the advantages of digital categorisation (e.g. hyperlinks, tagging etc.). One of the many tools of the web which is really becoming utilised.


I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research into new developments in Web 2.0 recently, partly due to my career (I think you may have guessed that from the blog title!) and partly through my own interest. I thought it was about time I got myself a blog and used it properly. I’m intending to use it to store and share useful titbits of information I find as well as recording things within life (e.g. my progress in my studies!).

I initially decided to use Blogger as I have a personalised Google account anyway, however Blogger didn’t seem to want to work with the hosting I have (courtesy of my boyfriend Chris, thank you), so WordPress it is. I’m having a bit of a play with the themes and suchlike, I’d like to think of it as a learning experience and learn a bit more code whilst I’m at it so I’m trying to choose a theme close to what I want but add my own touches too.

Anyway, enough blabbering – welcome to Joeyanne Libraryanne!