Degree Tutor has recently published interviews about the future of librarians, it makes very interesting reading. I haven’t had chance to read many yet, but have read the interviews of Librarian In Black and Phil Bradley, both of whom talk about the importance of librarians to utilise Web 2.0 technology.

My view is that the future for librarians is very exciting, the so called “information society” calls for librarians to help organise that information and enable people to find the information useful to them. I don’t know if we’ll continue to be known as librarians for much longer though, maybe more of the “information specialist” type titles will become common.

Since early May I’ve been helping organise our department staff development day. It’s been a little hectic to say the least but the day was yesterday and it seemed successful (we’ll know more when feedback is analysed but verbal feedback was very positive).

Approx. 160 staff from Learning & Information Services attended; the theme was “Enhancing the student experience”. The Dean of Students gave a talk in the morning and that was followed by lunch (which went down very well!) and workshops in the afternoon. There were workshops on a variety of topics, some to do with the theme of the day, some generally work-related, and others not so work related. I organised for Alternative Display Company to do a workshop which was interesting – we learnt how to make proper bows from ribbons, could be useful one day! We also had exhibitions from the local theatre and police service as well as a display from a colleague showing progress on our Federated Search project.

Despite the stresses, I really enjoyed organising the day, benefited from networking within the department as well as externally and learnt a lot about project management as well as event management.

Highlight of the event for me was this little gem from YouTube:


Last week I attended the 51st BBSLG (British Business Schools Librarians’ Group) Conference at Northampton.

The theme of the conference was “User Education in the 21st Century”; a topical issue at many Universities as librarians become more and more involved in teaching information skills.

The member’s sharing sessions were particularly useful and there was plenty of opportunity to talk to others, hear about their experiences and pass on good practice.

Peter Godwin came to give a talk on Information Literacy and Web 2.0 which I found particularly interesting; his main message seemed to echo that of Umbrella 2007 and other librarians – give all these new tools a go! He also showed a very amusing video on librarians from YouTube, see below.