Found via The Other Librarian: Halifax Public Libraries have recently launched an initiative called the Learning 2.0 Challenge to encourage staff to become more engaged in Web 2.0/Library 2.0 tools. It includes blogging (one of the tasks is to create your own blog), RSS feeds, wikis, podcasts, social software and online instant messaging. It’s a voluntary thing but seems to have sparked interest already which is great news. I think having an incentive to join in probably helps (there is a prize draw for those who complete the course), but it also demonstrates that people really are interested in giving this stuff a go when they’re given the chance and actively encouraged to do so.

Lee County Library also has a new initiative to encourage staff to have a go with these Web 2.0 tools, aptly titled Play to Learn. They even have signs to use whilst staff are “playing” such as this great Bond themed License to Play poster.

I think it’s absolutely fantastic that these sort of initiatives are happening and I hope to see more of this sort of thing encouraged at other libraries. Who knows, maybe we could get something sorted for the staff here, definitely something to think about.

Does anyone have anything like this at their library or know of other similar initiatives?

Edit: It appears I am very late to this, the initial programme was devised by Helene Blowers for Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County back in August 2006. I have been reading her LibraryBytes blog for a while but hadn’t realised the Learning 2.0 programme originated there! It seems there are a lot of US public libraries recreating the programme which is great news, hopefully some in the UK will follow suit. Due to the success of the initial scheme, Helene has now also developed Learning 2.1 as a follow up. Helene’s been named a 2007 Mover and Shaker and I can certainly see why!

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