I have two reasons to make this post today:

  • This morning I got the go ahead for my “Using Facebook Pages to reach our users” project at work
  • The LASSIE project is coming to an end and the reports are available online

I’m really quite proud that my Facebook project is finally properly underway. Now that the Project Proposal has been OK’d with management I can really start progressing it. I have a meeting with my Project Sponsor on Monday morning when we can hopefully plan the way forward. The page is currently live (please feel free to have a look and let me know what you think, all feedback greatly received!) but has not yet been advertised. I’m hoping to improve the page, add new features, and encourage more of our users to join as fans so that we can send them updates about our services and events. I’m not expecting massive numbers of fans but if we can make contact with some students we previously wouldn’t have then I’ll be very happy.

Bizarrely, today was also the day that Jane Secker released the last case study (titled libraries and Facebook!) from the LASSIE project on libraries and social software. I read the early project documentation last year so am looking forward to reading the experiences of their case studies. I’m particularly interested in their reading list case study (as well as the Facebook one obviously!) as I would really like to see our reading lists managed more efficiently and am sure wikis or web services are one of the possible ways we could achieve this. I have 6 hours on the train tomorrow so I’ve printed them all out and am saving them for the train journey!

I’ve got a couple of interesting conferences coming up (one in Southampton tomorrow hence the long train journey!) which include discussions about social software so I’m hoping to share good practice and talk through ideas with other library colleagues there.

In case you haven’t yet been made aware, Michael Stephens at Tame The Web has released a copy of his Tech Tips for Every Librarian articles published in Computers In Libraries magazine during 2006-7. There’s some really useful articles there including information on IM, wikis, blogs and more for libraries. Great stuff!

It really doesn’t seem very long at all since we were all stressing about the Millennium bug! Thought I’d write a quick post to wish everyone a Happy New Year and think forward to 2008. I’m not really one for specific resolutions but I do like to try to think about my main aims in life and how I’m going to get there.

By then end of 2008 I hope to have completed my Diploma in Information and Library Studies and become that all important “qualified information professional” – better get back to the studying really as I’ve done none over the Christmas period! I’ll hopefully be working on my dissertation this time next year if all goes well.

I’m also quite excited about the next year at work, I’m getting involved in more project based work and really hope to help improve our service by using some more up-to-date tools. We’ll hopefully be improving our OPAC, and I’ll be working on our presence in FaceBook. I think our department in particularly needs to really up the marketing this year, we have some great services that our users (both students and staff) just aren’t aware of which is a shame.

I’m sure I’ll continue blogging throughout 2008, so we’ll have to see where I’m at this time next year and whether or not I’ve achieved what I wanted to!