Amazon Kindles are all well and good but it’s just not the same as a real book is it? (Plus I can’t help but image a Kinder Egg whenever I hear mention of the Kindle – is that just me?!). So many people are against e-books and e-book readers due to the loss of the emotion attached with reading a real book and I can certainly sympathise with that view.

So the discovery of the LIVRE (via Engadget) was an exciting moment (well, as exciting as you get with regards to e-book readers!). It’s currently a concept produced by a student from Monash University but I really think this is the way readers have to go if they want a serious marketshare over paper books. I personally like using e-books for studying with the massive advantages that they’re always available from wherever you are (particularly useful for distance learners like myself), but I still love to settle down and read a good book. I really can’t imagine myself being converted to an e-book for leisure reading but this is definitely a step in the right direction for e-book readers.