A couple of months ago there was a major backlash from the library community in the UK regarding CILIP and it’s use (or lack of) Web 2.0 technologies.

It started with Bob McKee’s All of a Twitter post on his From the Chief Executive’s Desk blog, which was responded to by Phil Bradley in his CILIP – Epic Fail post. There were others who responded either on the original post from Bob (although at the time this was only open to CILIP members, something which had always irked me but has thankfully now been changed, on Phil’s post, on their own blogs, or on Twitter.

It all kicked off one afternoon with many librarians on Twitter joining in the conversation about how CILIP should be supporting Web 2.0 technologies and what they could do to improve things. It was actually quite exciting to be a part of this, and it was great to see a community using social media tools to discuss professional issues.

Thankfully, CILIP were also following what was happening and have decided to begin to tackle the issue by holding an Open Session with the main aim (from the CILIP Council Matters blog post):

to generate some really good ideas about how the Council could be using Web 2.0 to engage better with the LIS community and the individuals in it – both members and non-members

Phil Bradley and Brian Kelly have been invited to start the discussion by speaking about what sort of things have worked elsewhere and suggest ideas that CILIP could try. I’m honoured to have been asked by Brian if he could use me as an example of what people in the community are doing, you can see a draft version of his slides over at his blog.

The actual event is on Wednesday (29th April) in London, and I’m really looking forward to it. I won’t be there physically, but appropriately for such an event there will be people blogging and twittering the event, so I’ll be following the tag #CILIP2.0 (although I think there may be some issues with the tag so it may be #CILIP2 instead). I hope virtual attendees will still be able to contribute to the event, but if there is anything in particular you would like raising, both Phil and Brian have asked for feedback on their recent blog posts.

I for one am certainly pleased that CILIP are taking action, and hope that in the future I’ll be posting about great initiatives that CILIP are getting involved in.

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